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Val Wade
24 November 1979
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Name: Valerie Elizabeth Wade

Age: 25 [November 24th, 1979]

Appearance: 5 foot 7, 130 lbs, straight (sometimes wavy), shoulder-length, blond hair to her shoulders, dark blue eyes, fair, rosy complexion. Has a propensity to blush at times. (Naomi Watts - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v423/BtS/atwestend/val1.jpg )

History: The second and youngest child of the Wade family from Boston, Valerie has an older brother, Derek, who is 20 years older. She has a nice who is about to go on 20 (Cherish) and a nephew almost 14 (Will). Essentially, Val, Cherish, and Will grew up together, so she is naturally quite close with them. They don't even call her "Auntie Val", just "Val". The only time either of them do, is to just pick on her. As for Derek, he's been more like a 2nd father-figure for her, which annoys the hell out of Val most of the time. One father is quite enough--especially THEIR father, the domineering, traditional executive Thomas Wade, who is President and CEO of Wade Contractors International.

Because her Republican father was such an unwanted influence, Val rebelled against anything conservative. If the entire party were anything like her father, she didn't want to a part of something as constraining as that lifestyle. She loves her father dearly, but she can't stand him. Her mother Sarah, on the other hand, has generally the same viewpoints as her husband, but she knows when to put him in his place and is much more openminded. Val is much closer to her mother because of that.

As soon as Val turned 18, she registered to vote and as a Democrat, much to the disappointment of her father. She didn't care, as she expected that. Hell, she was looking for it. The only way she ever seems to interact or even relate with her father is through confrontation. Derek, being the smart one, registered as a Republican, although he doesn't exactly vote Republican. With Val as a heavy influence, Cherish registered as a Democrat herself, much to Derek's satisfaction. Only now are Val and Derek connecting better, using their small disdain for their father as a stepping stone.

Val's biggest life aspiration is to one day become Vice President of the United States, as she realistically thinks that people aren't ready enough for a female President. Besides, she doesn't exactly want the job. She knows with her father being who he is, it would be an uphill battle to become VP, but one year completely washed away that dream.

Soon after she completed her first year of grad school in Political Science, Val entered a relationship and became pregnant. Confused and terrified, Val made the heart-breaking decision to have an abortion. The only person who knows about this was her boyfriend, Chris. The severe strain in their relationship broke them up within 3 months later, as much as they may have loved each other. Val also dropped out of NYU grad school, using the excuse she got an excellent job offer from the NY mayor's office (which wasn't the entire truth. She had the job, but AFTER she decided to drop out).

Every once in a while Val's thoughts drift depressingly to the child she never had and the first love of her life, wondering what life would be like had things been different. Even though only 2 people in the world know, she just knows someone would be able to dig that information up and use it against her when running for ANY public office.

So, now her new dream is to eventually become a speechwriter or else a press secretary. To start anew, she joined the Malloy campaign first as someone who answered the phones and did the filing. Eventually her long hours and hard work paid off when she was invited to become secretary to the Deputy Chief of Staff, once elected. Naturally, she accepted.

For now, she lives with a roommate, Sasha (who works for the Supreme Court) in an apartment. No boyfriend, no real friends, family's all up north--DC really is the loneliest city, but this is where Val wants to be. Although, she certainly wouldn't object to some companionship.

But regardless of all that depressing, stressful stuff, all Val really likes is a good, hard laugh. She's really good-natured and has a great sense of humor. She's also very organized when it comes to work and her own life. It's just once in a while things catch up with her and drag her down a bit.

Occupation: Secretary to the Deputy Chief of Staff

Anything Else About the Character: She LOVES pickles. She could live off of them and be bribed by them. She also enjoys a good game of solitaire, but she also enjoys checkers if she can find a playmate.

Has a BS in Political Science (with a minor in Communications) from Boston University. She completed one year of grad school in Political Science at NYU, she never finished because of the stress from the abortion. She'd like to finish her master's one day.

When she feels she needs a change, she styles her hair or else even cuts it.

Tends to hang around the communications section when she has time.

Drafts her own speeches in order to keep her own writing from rusting.

Work Experience: As an undergrad, volunteered in district campaigns as a file clerk and phone answerer.

During the summers as an undergrad, she worked for the Worcester mayor's office by reading files and summarizing them.

After she quit grad school, worked as the NYC mayor's deputy's personal secretary.


High School - Sept. 1993 - June, 1997 [Degree]
Boston University - Sept. 1997 - May, 2001 [B.S.]
NYU - Sept. 2001 - Sept. 2002 [uncompleted]
NYC Deputy Mayor's Secretary - Oct. 2002 - Nov. 2003 [1 year and 1 month]
Malloy Campaign - Nov. 2003 - Jan. 2005 [1 year and 3 months]
Secretary to DCoS - Jan. 2005 - present


DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naomi Watts. I use her gorgeous pictures as a player for this ficticious character on the "West Wing"-based RPG atwestend.